wKFX Airdrop — Instructions for Vault users

2 min readSep 12, 2022


For those of you who hold more than 1000 KFX on the Vault platform (Vault.Investments) we have separate instructions on how you can claim your free wKFX tokens.
We will verify your balance in co-operation with the Vault team. Every user that holds a minimum of 1000 KFX on Vault, is eligible to receive free wKFX tokens.

All you have to do, is login to Vault and check your total KFX balance. Then you open Google Form and fill out the username or email address that is linked to your Vault account, your KFX balance, and your BSC wallet address. We will then contact Vault and ask them to confirm or deny the balance. For privacy reasons, Vault will never share your balance, or other account information! They will only confirm or deny the information that you have entered in the Google form.

If the balance is confirmed by Vault, we will send the wKFX tokens to the provided BSC address. It’s not necessary to use the airdrop claims-portal.

Let’s summarize the steps one more time:

Step 1: Login to your Vault account and check your KFX balance
Step 2: Open this Google Form and fill out your Vault username, your KFX balance and your BSC wallet address. You can optionally provide emailaddress or Discord id in case we need to contact you.

Step 3: Wait until we have confirmed your balance and send the tokens to your BSC wallet

That’s it! Could not be more simple, right?
It’s still a great opportunity to increase your KFX balance to receive more free wKFX tokens. Best exchange to buy KFX is SouthXchange.





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