wKFX pre-sale

3 min readOct 12, 2022


How to invest and choose your preferred discount?

As of October 1, KnoxFS has started an exclusive pre-sale of it’s Wrapped KFX (wKFX) utility token. This sale will end on October 31 2022.

The sale offers investors am opportunity to invest early in wKFX and receive a very significant discount. But how does this work exactly?
We wrote this manual to help you through the process.

First step is to go to the pre-sale website; https://sale.knoxfs.com/

The next step is to connect your tokenwallet. This can either be Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, you can select the preferred currency to pay for the tokens. You can choose between BNB, BUSD and USDT.

You will now see the available balance of the selected currency.
Step three is you select the amount that you want to invest in wKFX. The minimum amount that is required to invest, is $100 (or the equivalent of the selected currency).

In this example we choose to invest 100 BUSD. You immediately see how much wKFX you will receive in return, based on the selected discount.

The default discount is 10%. Since the initial tokenprice will be $0,03, you will receive ~3703 wKFX instead of 3000 without a discount.
To make it even more interesting, we offer investors a higher discount when they choose to lock the tokens for a certain period of time. Click on the icon next to the discount, to see the options.

So now you can also choose for 33,33% discount, if you lock the tokens for 6 months. Or even 66,66% when locking the tokens for one year. When you choose to lock the tokens, it means that you can only claim and receive the tokens when the lock period has ended. Only then you will receive the tokens in your wallet and they are free to trade or transfer.
In this example we choose for 33,33% discount and a lockperiod of 6 months.

As you can see, the number of wKFX tokens you will receive for 100 BUSD has increased to 5000.
Once you have decided your currency, the amount you want to invest and the preferred discount, you can click on the Contribute button. You wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction and pay the transactionfee. This requires some BNB in your wallet to pay for the gas.
Once the transaction is completed, you can click on My Orders to see the details of your order.

If you had selected the 10% discount option, your tokens have been released immediately and they will show in your wallet. The status is ‘Claimed’. However, if you had choosen a higher discount, then your tokens will only be released on the set date. You will have to return to https://sale.knoxfs.com/ when that date has come, and click on your order and on the Claim button to receive your tokens.

That’s it. Thanks for investing in KnoxFS. Please read all relevant project information here:

Website: https://knoxfs.com/
Whitepaper: http://knoxfs.com/KFX_Whitepaper_0.5.pdf
Pitch deck (incl. tokenomics wKFX): https://knoxfs.com/KnoxFS_Pitch_Deck.pdf




KnoxFS is building decentralized storage apps that utilize existing storage backends from Sia, and others such as Filecoin, Storj and Bittorrent.