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KnoxFS works as a decentralized hybrid storage solution allowing individuals to store data in a secure, decentralized, and private manner. Working as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), KnoxFS is based on community support and voluntary contributions. The users sharing and storing data will utilize decentralized storage networks secured by blockchain…

On May 31 2021 all KFX coins that are held in ‘Cryo’ on Vault.Investments, will be unlocked. This will give all users the freedom to host their coins elsewhere if they like. Those who own at least 1000 KFX will have the opportunity to setup a masternode and earn masternode…

Knox FS Project… the Phoenix.

A phoenix is a mythical bird from Greek mythology which was periodically consumed by fire every 500 years, then rose from its own ashes.

When the time to decease arrived, it would make a nest, lay a single egg and on the third day, it…


KnoxFS is building decentralized storage apps that utilize existing storage backends from Sia, and others such as Filecoin, Storj and Bittorrent.

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